Things That 95% Of People Don’t Know. The Most Complete Information About Mineral Insulated Cable On The Net

Mineral insulated cable, a copper sheath-wrapped copper conductor core, and magnesium oxide powder as inorganic insulating material to isolate the conductor and the sheath of the cable, the outermost layer can be selected according to the need for appropriate protection sleeve.

1. The Use And Characteristics Of Fire-Resistant Cable

Rigid mineral insulated cable was invented earlier, at the end of the 19th century. The Swiss engineer Arnold Francois Borel on the idea of mineral insulated cable, and received a patent in 1896, 1934-1936, France, and Britain into production after the rapid development.

China also developed in the 1960s, began to be used in the military field, the mid-1980s began industrial production, and was gradually accepted by the construction field in full.

The invention of flexible mineral-insulated fire-resistant cable is relatively late. About the 1970s was born in Switzerland at Stout Cable Company.

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