Can the Waterproof Piercing Clamp be Used Directly Under Water?

It should be said that the piercing clamp is a relatively large choice in the implementation of the current cable and wire branching program. However, in many branching programs, most people will have a question in their minds, is the piercing clamp waterproof? Can the waterproof piercing clamp be directly buried or used underwater? Let’s take a practical case for analysis.

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What are the Technical Characteristics of the Insulation Piercing Clamp?

There are many kinds of power gold that are often used in the circuit process, and the wire clip is one of them. The types of cable clips have many uses and they are different. I don’t know if you have heard of the puncture wire clip. Its use is very large. The amount of use is very large, and it is very convenient to use, then what are the technical characteristics of the insulation piercing clamp?
A piercing cord clamps an insulating upper shell, an upper piercing blade arranged on the insulating upper shell, an insulating lower shell, and a lower piercing blade arranged on the insulating lower shell. And it is used for connecting the insulating upper shell A connecting screw with the insulating lower shell and two connecting screws for connecting the insulating upper shell and the insulating lower shell.

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