Can the Waterproof Piercing Clamp be Used Directly Under Water?

It should be said that the piercing clamp is a relatively large choice in the implementation of the current cable and wire branching program. However, in many branching programs, most people will have a question in their minds, is the piercing clamp waterproof? Can the waterproof piercing clamp be directly buried or used underwater? Let’s take a practical case for analysis.

In an empty overhead wire-to-earth project in the Xiaokang Village in Hebei, China, several of the electric wells are 120-minute 70-wire electric wells. This branch is due to the local climate. In winter, the well is relatively warm and humid, and the outside is about minus 20 degrees, which causes a layer of fine water droplets to adhere to the wires in the well. The traditional cable splitter cannot meet the requirements of waterproof and insulation of the project. Therefore, the person in charge of the project sought and consulted many professionals for this purpose, exchanged views and reached a consensus on whether the waterproof structure of the puncture clamp and whether the waterproof puncture clamp can be used directly, and the requirements that the project needs to meet.

The puncture clamp itself is waterproof. Because the imported insulating glue is attached to the inside, as the puncture blade passes through the cable insulation layer, the insulating glue will also tightly wrap the blade and the puncture port to prevent the exposed metal blade from encountering small water drops and short-circuit problems. However, this alone is not a problem at all in theory. Because their waterproof puncture cord clamps are tested by the China Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan High Voltage Electrical Research Institute, and Beijing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau for underwater withstand voltage of 6KV. The test process is to put the successfully punctured cable directly into the water. Power on, and there are fish in the water. After 24 hours of power on, the fish are still very lively, which proves that the waterproof structure of the piercing clamp is successful.

But we are affected by many uncertain factors in the actual use process. Generally, it is used in conjunction with the buried waterproof junction box, so as to pursue better waterproof insulation effect. So if we need to be buried directly underground or used underwater, for absolute safety, we still need to use a glue-filled waterproof junction box for thorough insulation and waterproofing. So that, are you aware of the waterproof structure of the puncture clamp and how to use the waterproof puncture clamp?

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