World’s Largest Submarine Cable Project Builds Landing Site in Sharjah

optical fiber cable undersea

World’s largest submarine cable project gets UAE telecom giant on board to build landing site in Sharjah

In an increasingly interconnected world, the significance of robust telecommunication infrastructure cannot be overstated. The proliferation of digital technologies has spurred global demand for high-speed internet connectivity, prompting the initiation of ambitious projects to enhance global communication networks. Among these endeavors, the construction of submarine cables plays a pivotal role, facilitating the transmission of vast amounts of data across continents.

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What Is Submarine Fiber Optic Cable? How Is It Laid?

undersea fiber cable

The ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface and is rich in resources.
The marine ecosystem is the most important in the world, and human survival and development are closely related to the ocean. Nowadays, we can know the world’s affairs without leaving home, and the submarine fiber optic cable buried deep under the sea plays a vital role.

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