Shanghai Copper and Copper Cable Prices Slide and Suffer as Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Continues to Heat Up

Copper cables with different color jackets have different functions

Copper wire and Shanghai copper prices are experiencing a significant downward trend due to the evolving global markets and the continued pressure of multiple negative factors in overseas markets.

This phenomenon is triggered by the military conflict between Palestine and Israel, which has further exacerbated geopolitical risks in the region.

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What is a thermocouple wire and how does it work?

ZMS thermocouple cables meet all the specifications of the IEC standard for thermocouple cables.

Take a look at the thermocouple wire today.

What is a thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a temperature-measuring element commonly used in temperature-measuring instruments.

Usually by the heating electrode, insulation sleeve protection tube junction box, and other major components, usually display instruments, recording instruments, and electronic regulator supporting the use.

In the industrial production process, temperature is one of the important parameters to be measured and controlled.

In temperature measurement, the thermocouple application is extremely wide.

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