The Difference Between PVC Cable and XLPE Cable

PVC cables and XLPE cables are the two most widely used power cables.PVC cable have a good price advantage. (PVC cable: polyvinyl chloride cable).XLPE cables have better cable characteristics. (XLPE cable: cross-linked polyethylene cable). XLPE cable is equivalent to an upgraded version of PVC cable to some extent. XLPE power cable: XLPE cables are suitable … Read more

What are the types of cable insulation materials? And what are the usefulness and advantages of each?

The insulating layer of the cable is a non-conductive material, or a material that resists the flow of current. It is often referred to as the dielectric in radio frequency cables. The insulation layer can prevent leakage, prevent the current of the wire from contacting other conductors, and protect the material integrity of the wire … Read more