What are The Considerations of Wire and Cable Storage and Transportation?

Storage and transportation of wire and cable products are two very important aspects. If the storage and transportation methods are not appropriate, the quality of wire and cable products can cause damage and affect the safety of use. So, in the storage and transportation of cable products, what matters need our attention?

1. In the storage of cables, it is strictly prohibited to contact acids, alkalis, and mineral oils. To be stored in isolation from these corrosive substances.

2. Storage of cables in the warehouse must not have damage to insulation and corrosion of metal harmful gases exist.

3. Avoid storing cables in the open in a naked manner as far as possible, and cable trays are not allowed to be placed flat.

4. During storage, the cable should be rolled regularly (once every 3 months in summer, or extended in other seasons as appropriate). Rolling will be stored down the side of the tray rolled over towards the top, to avoid the bottom surface moisture decay. Storage should always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact.

5. Cable storage period to the product factory period as the limit, generally should not exceed one and a half years, the longest not more than two years.

6. It is strictly prohibited to throw the cable or cable tray with cable from a high place during transportation, especially at lower temperatures (generally about 5 ℃ and below), throwing and dropping the cable will likely lead to insulation and sheath cracking.

7. When lifting the packaging, it is strictly prohibited to lift several trays at the same time. In vehicles, ships, and other means of transport, the cable tray is to be fixed in a suitable way to prevent a mutual collision or overturned, to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.

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