Chilean Government and Google Announce Partnership to Build First Submarine Cable Connecting South America to Asia-Pacific

Chilean President Gabriel Borich delivered a speech on the construction of submarine fiber optic cable at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit on November 15, 2023, in San Francisco, California.

The Chilean government on Wednesday (January 10) announced a partnership with Alphabet’s Google to build the first-ever undersea cable route directly connecting South America and the Asia-Pacific region. The submarine cable line is named “Humboldt”.

According to a Chilean government press release, Humboldt will connect the central Chilean port city of Valparaiso to Sydney, Australia, via 14,800 kilometers (9,200 miles) of fiber optic cable through French Polynesia. The capacity is 144 terabytes (TB) and the service life is 25 years.

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How to Solve the Effect of Electromagnetic Interference on Multi-Core LV Shielded Control Cable?

Strong electromagnetic interference on electronic systems, electronic equipment interference, especially sensitive electronic equipment due to overload and damage. Among the many models of cables, even shielded control cables with metal braided shielding, it is difficult to escape electromagnetic and radiation interference on the cable.

To avoid the influence of external electric fields on the instrumentation, a cavity conductor is used to shield the external electric fields from the inside.

Multi-core low-voltage shielded control cables in the electrical control cable shielding layer are not properly handled, the control cable and power cable are confused together, and no separation is done.

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A comprehensive summary of submarine fiber optic cable types and distribution around the world in one article. Favorites!

A fiber optic cable shown in a submarine cable distribution map

Submarine fiber optic cable has come to the forefront of many people’s minds as the global power industry has grown by leaps and bounds. People can readily use the Internet and make telecommunication calls all over the world today, all relying on the rapid development of submarine cables. So what exactly is an undersea fiber optic cable? What are the differences and similarities between it and submarine cable in terms of application? The following ZMS cable editorial will take you to understand how to collect it!

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