What 90% of people don’t know about mineral insulated cable?

BBTRZ cable is also known as flexible mineral-insulated fireproof cable.

Refers to the flame at 950 degrees Celsius high-temperature environment, through the 1KV voltage can be 180 minutes to maintain normal energization is not broken. It is a BTTZ mineral insulated cable improved model, inherited the BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable fire, explosion-proof, temperature resistance, high current-carrying capacity, and other characteristics in addition.

It is also not easy to absorb moisture insulation performance is more stable, can be multi-core, fixed-length production, flexible structure, and easy to bend.

No need for special cable terminal joints and intermediate joints, it can be applied to a variety of laying methods, generally according to conventional cable laying.

BTTZ rigid fireproof cable is the existence of mineral insulated cables in the ancestor level, basically, the existing commonly used mineral insulated cables are in the BTTZ cable fire performance on the improved production.

Mineral Insulated Cable Model List

So, do you really know about BTTZ?

BTTZ Cable Model Introduction

BTTZ is a mineral insulated cable abbreviation, generally also known as fire cables, and fire-resistant cable are two completely different concepts.BTTZ’s full name is copper core copper sheath magnesium oxide insulated heavy-duty fire cables, also known as heavy-duty mineral insulated cables.

The conductor is a new type of cable consisting of a single strand of copper rods, the middle filled with magnesium oxide crystal powder as insulation material, and the outer layer of seamless copper pipe sheath.

Mineral insulated cables with a cross-sectional area of 25 square millimeters or more are single-core.

BTTZ Model Meaning

B—- Fixed installation of power cable for wiring

T—- Copper sheath

T—- Copper conductor

Z—- Withstand voltage class heavy duty 750V

BTRZ Flexible Mineral Insulated Cable Structure

This type of cable is mainly composed of a multi-stranded stranded copper core conductor, mica tape mineral insulator, mineral fire barrier, anti-corrosion jacket, and so on.

It is a kind of ceramicized polyolefin insulated fireproof cable, which can be developed according to the demand for new fire-resistant cable with fire-resistant temperatures up to 1500℃.

1 Cable conductor: It is made of multi-stranded copper wire interlocked with good bending characteristics.

2 Insulation layer: mineral insulation material with ceramic mica tape + ceramic polyolefin insulation, temperature resistance can be up to 1000℃ or more.

3 Waterproof isolation layer: adopts polyethylene isolation material.

4 Mineral filling layer: adopts inorganic mineral oxygen barrier fireproof material with the advantages of fireproof, fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, temperature insulation, and heat insulation developed by the latest nanotechnology at home and abroad.

5 Outer sheath: low-smoke non-toxic or better and higher plasticized material with good anti-corrosion characteristics, can be selected according to the requirements of the material without using the model (optional).

BBTRZ Flexible Mineral Insulated Cable Performance Characteristics

1Electrical Properties

High Current-Carrying Capacity

Under the same conditions, BBTRZ cable has a greater current-carrying capacity, its conductor working temperature 90 ℃ rated current-carrying capacity.

Basically equivalent to the BTTZ cable working temperature of 125 ℃ when the level of current-carrying capacity, is much higher than other cables.

High Voltage Resistance Level

BTTZ cables follow the national standard GB/T13033, withstanding voltage level 750v.

The resistance to shock voltage (4-6 times conventional voltage) is poor, which seriously affects the service life.

The BBTRZ cable produced by ZMS follows the national standard GB/T12706, and the high voltage resistance level can reach 1000v.

2Mineral Insulated Cable Safety

Good Material Insulation

BBTRZ cable adopts inorganic non-metallic materials for insulation and sheath, with a multi-layer insulation protection structure.

It is fireproof and waterproof at the same time, thus it has excellent insulation performance.

High Line Reliability

BBTRZ cables have a multi-core structure with a maximum cross-section of 300mm² and can be customized in large continuous lengths.

No intermediate joints are required, so the cable has better integrity and overcomes the shortcomings of a single core, so the grounding is safer.

BBTRZ cable adopts a special grounding wire, which reduces the safety hazard.

Since the insulation, and sheath of the cable are inorganic compound materials, without the usual PVC material.

Therefore, even under fire conditions, there is no acidic gas dispersion.

3Micc Cable Energy Saving

BBTRZ cable due to inorganic non-metallic insulation and sheath structure, only three main lines to the grounding line of the tiny capacitive current, the value of a few to a dozen milliamps level, basically negligible.

Small reactive power loss. BBTRZ cable current-carrying value of large, low heat conductor, multi-core large cross-section structure completely offset the electromagnetic effect. Because the heat field, magnetic field, and other reactive power loss are much lower than BTTZ and other products.

4Easy Construction

BBTRZ cable flexibility, with a minimum bending radius of 6D, is basically the same as the ordinary cable laying process.

Therefore, the construction is very simple, effective, and reliable, at the same time, BBTRZ cable can be laid in the same groove as ordinary cables, space-saving, easy to maintain, and suitable for a variety of laying methods.

Application Range of BTTZ Cable

It has a wide range of applications, which can be applied at sea, on land, indoors and outdoors, above ground, and underground.

Especially in historical buildings, ultra-high-rise, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, TV stations, communication hub projects, ships, theaters, subways, human defense projects, and crowded public places.

Hazardous places prone to fire, such as natural gas plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, offshore oil platforms, etc. are widely used. It can also be applied to places with high ambient temperatures, such as power plants, and steel mills.

It is also applied to special environments, such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-animal gnawing, waterproofing, and nuclear power plants.

Widely used in nuclear power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, mines, kilns, and other dangerous, harsh, high-temperature environments.

In recent years, it has also been used in high-rise buildings, airports, docks, underground railroads, and other places.

It is used to ensure the uninterrupted operation of fire pumps, fire elevators, local lighting, emergency evacuation instructions, security monitoring, fire prevention, smoke exhaust system self-supply power, and other important equipment.

BTRZ is a flexible cable type in mineral insulated cable.

Advantages of BTTZ Cable

1 Mineral Insulated Cable Completely Fireproof

BTTZ cable itself is completely non-combustible, and at the same time, it will not cause ignition sources.

Even in the case of flame barbecue, as long as the flame temperature is lower than the melting point temperature of copper, the cable can continue to be used without replacement after the flame is eliminated.

No toxic smoke or gas will be produced in the case of flame grilling.

2Micc Cable High Working Temperature

Due to the insulation layer of magnesium oxide crystals, the melting point temperature is much higher than the melting point temperature of copper.

Therefore, the maximum normal working temperature of the cable can reach 250 ℃, short-term can be close to the melting point of the copper temperature of 1083 ℃ to continue to run.

3 Overload Protection Capability

Line overload, as long as the heat does not reach the melting point temperature of copper, the cable will not be damaged.

Even if the instantaneous breakdown, the breakdown of magnesium oxide crystals will not form carbide.

After the elimination of overload, the cable performance will not change and can continue to be used normally.

4Long Service Life

BTTZ cable is composed of all inorganic materials, so there is no aging of the insulation, and the service life can be more than three times that of ordinary cables.

5Large Laying Flexibility

BTTZ cable can be laid with ordinary cables on the bridge but also can be laid openly with a special bracket.

This is more flexible than ordinary cable laying, but also saves the investment of cable trays, which can reduce the overall cost of the project.

6 Anti-Corrosion and Explosion-Proof Performance

Due to the use of a seamless copper tube as a sheath, BTTZ cable has waterproof, moisture, oil, and some chemical substances infringement performance.

Copper tube has considerable mechanical strength, so it has better explosion-proof performance.

Above is the detailed introduction of BTRZ flexible mineral insulated cable, I hope it will be helpful to you, collect it! If you have any questions about mineral insulated cable purchase, welcome to consult the ZMS cable team, we will have a professional cable sales representative to help you.